Photography & Printmaking

Printmaking is basically where my artistic talents went commercial (Graphic Design). Though I never really knew it; I’ve been a printmaker all my life. Nevertheless, I was formally trained by one of my favorite arts Instructors, Myron Hanson. Classical methods of press making such as lithographic & limestone block pressing and various other additive and subtractive applications of reproduction. Study of these time tested principals have shed light on the qualities & principals that translate into making a great final product as a graphic designer. Though my most current commissions have been heavily computer and web based, some of my recent personal creative explorations have been interdisciplinary projects combining large format printing, wood fabrication, screen printing & relief fabrication using repeat patterns on digitally warped grids.

  • For Composites of Traditional Art x Modern Design
  • Date 2010 – Present
  • Type Digital Printing, Screen-printing, Grid Art, Logo Design, Tattoo Design, T-shirt Design, Album Art, Portrature, Limestone Lithograph Printmaking, Human Body, Brush Strokes, Emotionalism & Large Format Printing
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Title: “Mira Mira” Art 2 Move 2.
Materials/Processes/Techniques: 32”x51” wood boards. 2 ½ D wood fabricated wall relief “speakers”, tightly draped in a hand drawn repeat pattern, printed on cotton. Backing insulated with composite foam cushioning covered by a digital printing of the same motif as the speakers only set to a informal warped grid.

Side View in the Gallery. All photos courtesy of Claudia Povenski.

View from the floor with speaker demounted.

Detail of surface design and fabric manipulation on the "speaker" form.

Project Description: These assemblages are meant to be less serious in nature and provide the viewer with an fun, attractive and engaging work of art that has charm, feeling and loads of personality. The Music Monsters motif is repeated throughout the two panels in contrasting manners, highlighting the effect hearing various kinds of music has on me.

"Quite Pallet". 18"x22". Lazar Cut layers of Heavy Duty Chipboard lamented together.